The MOST Effective At-Home Exercise For a Flat Belly (Measure Yourself NOW and In 2 Weeks!)

how to lose belly fatThere is a common misunderstanding about losing belly fat that in order to reduce it, you only have to exercise, and the only exercise you need to do is ab crunches. This is such a common mistake! People do hundreds of crunches each day just to see their bellies stay as fat as they were before! Forget direct abs exercises, they don`t really work as they have absolutely NO impact on the layer of fat that is ON TOP of the ab muscles.
n this article below, I am going to share one simple exercise with you that if done daily, will reduce your waist in 2 weeks – DRAMATICALLY!

Short and intense exercises is the best choice when you need to get rid of belly fat and lose some extra pounds as well. The thing to remember is to go as fast as you can

So – here is that exercise I promised:


Vacuum pose is THE most important exercise you can ever do for belly. It is the KEY to flattening your stomach. Although it’s not the best exercise to do to lose weight with, it IS THE BEST exercise to do in order to drop inches from your waistline. By doing belly squeezes, you allow the isometric tension to help flatten your belly.You just can`t beat this exercise for flattening your tummy. They help flatten and tone the whole waistline.

Belly squeezing is a real quick way to drop inches from your belly within weeks. And lose weight as well! Maybe not 20 pounds, but you could easily lose 5 pounds just by doing simple exercises!

Even if you can’t see your abdominal muscles because of a layer of fat over them, these abdominal squeezes will help you to flatten your stomach.

Your goal should be to do these squeeze / vacuum exercises for at least 5 minutes every single day – that’s if you want to get a flat belly in 2 weeks.

If you keep doing the belly squeeze exercise at least 5 minutes a day, every day, expect to lose 1,5-2 inches from your waist in 3 to 4 weeks. And that`s WITHOUT any other changes in your diet, exercising routines or anything else. Just plain squeezes.

Make sure you measure your waist before you start doing them. I am glad you like these squeezes :-)

And here’s how to do these flat belly exercises:


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